March 31

Prepare video for upload

What youtube says:

Tutorial: iMovie 11 to Youtube

Vimeo guidelines:


The future

– new ways of disseminating work every day…..

Bowie 2002


Amon Tobin:

Projection mapping:

Deadmau5 nokia:

Deadmau5 stream:

from TED Vancouver

video and music:

March 17

Rear Window time lapse

Music video:

Making a music video

First music video

Bessie Smith: St Louis Blues

fantasia: Rite of Spring

fantasia: Bach Toccata and fugue


Louis Jordan : Look out sister

Dáme si do bytu

Hard Day’s Night opening:

Penny Lane promo video

Scorpio Rising- Kenneth Anger:

Subterranean Homesick Blues

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend:

Material girl:

Fatboy Slim: Spike Jonez

Kanye West: Runaway

Trapped in the closet


Bedtime story


Edit music video iMovie

Edit music video (FCPX)

Jump cut at beat markers iMovie

March 3

Principles of video editing

Development of editing principles

Hitchcock on editing

Scorsese on Kubrick

Editing in Scorsese films

Murch Rule of 6

7 rules for film and video editors

Breathless Car scene

About jump cuts in Breathless

Breathless- discontinuity

Jump cut vimeo school

Jump cuts Parks and recreation

Godard traffic jam Weekend

Rear Window time lapse

Music video

Feb 10 – video with music

Video with music

The process:

  • find/shoot footage
  • edit in iMovie to create video
  • “share” video – at this point can be lo-fi
  • open video in Logic
  • create music for the video
  • save the music as an audio file
  • return to iMovie
  • open video and drag your audio file to your movie
  • “share” the hi-def version of your movie

iMovie 11 tutorials


iMovie 10

another tutorial

Import media

clip and trim

Jan 27- Michael Sider on shooting video