September 2, 2014

from this: (Ferranti Mark 1- 1951)

BBC recording 1951

to this- Jamie Lidell

The state of the art of music on the computer.

Development of “computer music” 1980s to now.

This is the Fairlight, the original digital musical instrument:

Miami Vice Theme:

Fairlight CMI Series II (1980)

  • Price: ~£25,000
  • CPUs: Dual Motorola 6800
  • Storage: Two 8″ floppy drives
  • Memory: 16 kB per voice, System: 64 kB, Video: 16 kB (512×256 pixels)
  • Voices: 8 voices of polyphony

Fairlight Pro App for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad, iOS 4.0 or later. (2011)

  • £29.99
  • Entire original Fairlight CMI IIX Sound Library containing 564 voices.

The MIDI standard- 1983

FM from the 70’s

DX7- first MIDI synth

Madonna Live to tell

Janet Jackson When I think of you

Present day computer- professional multimedia workstation.

Garageband, iMovie etc.

Digital Filmmaking Mike Figgis

What can a musician do on the computer?

  • Compose music
  • Notate music
  • Record music
  • Edit recording
  • Make accompanying loops for practicing instruments
  • Master recordings for CD production, or other electronic distribution.
  • Design art work for recording
  • Research music
  • Write or research program notes
  • Make and edit video to go with music
  • Make a website on which to post music and video, or comment on music or blog about music, or to connect with other musicians.

File formats: professional output- democratization of digital art

1. Compose, notate, record music.

Logic, Sibelius and then also Garageband, (iPad and computer)

All apple loops:

All personal:

New idea of creativity

“no musical talent required”

Audio vs MIDI

Audio files:


Apple loops:

from Garageband iPad to Garageband Laptop to Logic Pro.

Compose, notate, record music in one program:Logic (from No brighter sun…)


Compose and record in Logic, notate in Sibelius: (from Rethink Forever)


Virtual instruments:

First synth plugins 1999 Cubase

Huge development since then.


iMovie (see Figgis above)

Final Cut Pro X

From “Life Opera”

Selfie is the word




Petrucci music library: “Sharing the world’s public domain music”

Currently 60,000 works

Choral Wiki: The choral public domain library

Wikipedia: articles about all aspects of music

Music resources:


Berlin Philharmonic Digital Concert Hall




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