September 30 – sampling

Early sampling-

Amen break –



Sampling – Hip Hop history

Fight the power

Dab- Plunderphonics

Steve Reich- Come Out

Madeon – Pop Culture- Live mashup

Mashup of youtube videos

Imogen Heap “Hide and Seek”

film made entirely from footage found on the web

rolling in the beats– live video mashup

Ableton Push- Flight of the bumblebee

Laura Escude

arm tracks: all-body-controlled-ableton-live-with-kinect-brings-shirtless-musical-innovation/

power glove


The third track was a piano-heavy instrumental in need of a vocal. Preston teased out a melody: “I’m a lighthouse,” he sang. “I’ll guide you back.” He tried a few variations, then settled on one. Afrojack liked the vocal line, but he wasn’t sure about the song’s structure. “It’s a thirty-second verse, a thirty-second pre-chorus, and a thirty-second chorus,” he said. “Is that right for a radio song?”
“You don’t go by time,” Preston said. “You go by bars.”
Afrojack cocked his head. “What’s ‘bars’?”

Afrojack Feat. Eva Simons

Rihanna – Calvin Harris


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