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March 31

Prepare video for upload

What youtube says:

Tutorial: iMovie 11 to Youtube

Vimeo guidelines:


The future

– new ways of disseminating work every day…..

Bowie 2002


Amon Tobin:

Projection mapping:

Deadmau5 nokia:

Deadmau5 stream:

from TED Vancouver

video and music:


March 17

Rear Window time lapse

Music video:

Making a music video

First music video

Bessie Smith: St Louis Blues

fantasia: Rite of Spring

fantasia: Bach Toccata and fugue


Louis Jordan : Look out sister

Dáme si do bytu

Hard Day’s Night opening:

Penny Lane promo video

Scorpio Rising- Kenneth Anger:

Subterranean Homesick Blues

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend:

Material girl:

Fatboy Slim: Spike Jonez

Kanye West: Runaway

Trapped in the closet


Bedtime story


Edit music video iMovie

Edit music video (FCPX)

Jump cut at beat markers iMovie

March 3

Principles of video editing

Development of editing principles

Hitchcock on editing

Scorsese on Kubrick

Editing in Scorsese films

Murch Rule of 6

7 rules for film and video editors

Breathless Car scene

About jump cuts in Breathless

Breathless- discontinuity

Jump cut vimeo school

Jump cuts Parks and recreation

Godard traffic jam Weekend

Rear Window time lapse

Music video

Feb 10 – video with music

Video with music

The process:

  • find/shoot footage
  • edit in iMovie to create video
  • “share” video – at this point can be lo-fi
  • open video in Logic
  • create music for the video
  • save the music as an audio file
  • return to iMovie
  • open video and drag your audio file to your movie
  • “share” the hi-def version of your movie

iMovie 11 tutorials


iMovie 10

another tutorial

Import media

clip and trim

Jan 27- Michael Sider on shooting video


January 13


Part 1– opening a movie in Logic Pro X and putting some music to it.

Videos that you can use will be on all the desktops in a folder called “Videos for M&M 2015”

Here is a basic tutorial on getting movies into Logic. This will also be in the “Videos” folder.

Following are some movies from Vimeo that are in the “Videos for M&M” that you can work with.

Human movement

The body morphic


Welcome to Fontevraud

Mars rover

My Guardians

Fri tid


A dying god

Body of sound

For real


Human movement

Time lapse




Prelinger archive

November 25 – introduction to video

Video introduction


iPhone film festival

Julie drinks


God is dead

Magic bullet

A short journey Budapest

F the police

Leave out all the rest

Goodnight shining (Korea)

Skelewu (Ghana)


iPhone musical

Brunettes shoot blondes

Vintage trouble

sf-paris 2 minutes

Gasoline and matches

Obey (made entirely from clips on the web)

Invasion (all instagram)

2012 in 366 seconds

Pogo Jo’burg jam

Pogo Lead Breakfast


Pogo tutorial

2012 music mashup

Videos from M&M 2014


Janette and Finn